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Loppis Gallery is pleased to announce
Lin Zhipeng Solo exhibition
Curated by Elisa Maestri and Alessandro Chiodo
Opening Saturday, @ Loppis galleria – May 17, 2014 h.17:00 Via La Spezia 90, Parma

Loppis Gallery and Super Error present for the first time in Italy N. 223 Lin Zhipeng Solo Exhibition. After the success of the last exhibitions of international artists like Sayaka Ganz and Guim Tio Zarraluki , Loppis gallery continues to show in the city of Parma foreign artists that have never been exhibited in Italy . This time it’s Lin Zhipeng, a Chinese photographer censored in his own country and known throughout the world as 223.
Lin Zhipeng presents Lin Zhipeng . The 72 photographs in the exhibition were chosen specifically for the Loppis Gallery, fragments of real life reveal a beauty instantaneous and immediate as can be the simple moments of his everyday life. Love , food , parties , sex , friends, lovers, interior and exterior , man and nature. A story in pictures that invades the space of the gallery , creating a unique play, thus confirming Loppis Gallery as ever evolving to meet the needs of the artists that it hosts.
For the occasion the artist will be present and a new Super Error publication in limited edition will be releaseed: ” New Real Zine”, dedicated to Lin Zhipeng.

Is photographer Lin Zhipeng , who comes from afar and carries with him his current history. It’s called 223 , as he in art . A whole that is strength.
223 goes fast , hits and clicks , selects and portrays.He freezes the world in an instant, born perhaps by accident. Or maybe not . But no matter , there will be plenty to amuse us in every way.
And ‘ his story is 223 . It’s his party. It’s the misunderstanding that counts. A sly mockery to understand the value of the idea behind that particular photograph.
The body is naked , skin winks, the drops fall , faces speak , the man rubs the man and a pig enjoys over an obstacle road . Simple, that’s life.
The questions do not need answers. 223 fills the space , just look to listen to what it means.

Lin Zhipeng BIO
Lin Zhipeng was born in China in Guangdong province , he graduated in finance but was attracted to the world of visual art. He soon realized he wanted to be a photographer . For 7 years he worked as an editor and photographer for several newspapers , until he decided to become a freelance photographer working with various magazines, writing and photographing.
He has his own blog North latitude 23 into which fits his photographs and his views about the world. In 2007 he published an independent fashion magazine TOO , three books titled My Private Broadway, a fanzine called VERSATILE and a travel book titled SATELLITE OF LOVE devoted to a particular area of the Chinese territory . Censored in his country but published on numerous websites and magazines like Vice , S Magazine , Dazed and Confused and sites like Empty Kingdom , he exhibits all over the world under the name of 223 . Http://